Custom Motorcycle Parts

Pan-Galactic Sculpture is pleased to offer you the opportunity to trick out your ride with one of a kind custom imaging.

Using our exclusive, powder coated imaging technology we can put the photographic quality images of your choice on just about anything!  Call or email us to discuss your project. 

Below are a few examples of custom images we've
made for our customers.   The only limitation is your imagination!


Derby Covers - 3 hole Evo/Shovelhead style $ 170.00
5 hole Twin Cam style $ 175.00
Points Covers $ 110.00
Evo/Shovelhead Style Air Cleaner Covers $ 210.00
Crazy Horse Derby Cover













Air cleaner inserts for Twin Cam stock air cleaners:
We can put any image you like on Twin Cam Air Cleaner inserts which cover the round center part of Harley's stock Twin Cam Air Cleaners.  Our exclusive powder coated imaging process allows us to transfer your image into clear powder coat with photographic quality and unmatched durability.

The part costs $50.00, powder coating is $20.00 and the image transfer is $150.00.


icecream kid derby coverCustom Twin Cam Air Cleaner Cover insert















Here are a few of the custom bike parts Pan-Galactic Sculpture has made recently…

  • Baby Fairy
  • Texas-seal-derby
  • POW-semi-TC-pointslr
  • Bill Lr
  • C001
  • C002
  • C003
  • C004
  • C005
  • C006
  • C007
  • C008
  • C009
  • C010
  • C011
  • C012
  • D.D.Johns-USMC-derby
  • Death-dealer
  • Desertstormvet5
  • Gun-owners-of-A-gas-cap
  • IBEW-1
  • Icecreamkidl
  • Leopard-Derby
  • S&RGDpts

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